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Exploring Sustainable Investment Strategies

Dive into the world of sustainable investment with Helga Birgden, Global Chair of Mercer Sustainable Investment, Mercer, as she shares her insights in this interview conducted at World Climate Summit 2023.

Helga delves into how Mercer Sustainable Investment is aligning strategies to tackle emerging challenges and embrace opportunities in the sustainable investment landscape, as well as how Mercer integrates climate risk considerations into investment decision-making.

“We have been dedicated to addressing climate change by providing research, advice, and investment solutions to institutional investors. The reason we do that is because we believe that climate change presents a wide range of risks and opportunities. We provide analysis, advice, and research around climate scenarios, both top-down and bottom-up, so that clients can manage their portfolios in terms of exposure to climate risk and opportunities."

Helga Birgden, Global Chair, Mercer Sustainable Investment, Mercer

Watch the full interview:


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