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Global Summits

Throughout the year, we engage, advise, and connect with our members and partners through high-level global summits, partnership and coalition building, stakeholder engagement, and strategic insights – all aimed at maximising joint ambition and action. 

Global Summits

Our globally renowned Summits on climate, biodiversity, energy and finance offer high-level participation and unmissable opportunities for collaboration. They provide international cross-sector dialogue on much-needed innovation & technology, policies & frameworks, and finance & investment for a faster transition to the green economy. They are linked and take place alongside the relevant major UN Convenings, such as UNGA, UNFCCC COP and UNCBD COP.    


Cross-Sector Stakeholders


High Level

In-person Attendees from 165 Countries

USD 130 BN

Raised for Climate Funding


Highlevel Decision Makers

Global Summits Roadmap 2024

World Climate Summit

Takes place during Climate Week NYC and in Baku, as the leading side-event at COP29, facilitating public-private partnerships to drive policy, innovation, and investments towards 2030 climate transition targets. 


World Biodiversity Summit

The main annual biodiversity summit in the world, taking place alongside Climate Week NYC and COP16 in Cali. sThe summit upportisng the Global Biodiversity Framework implementation and practical strategies for a nature-positive transition. 

Climate Investment Summit

Flagship event at London Climate Action Week, held in partnership with London Stock Exchange Group, advancing global finance flows for climate-resilient development and accelerate investments for nature. 



The World Climate Foundation has been key in bringing together a huge variety of stakeholders during their Summits and to help us develop strategic opportunities while ensuring top visibility for Capgemini Invent.

Jean-Baptiste Perrin, Vice President, Capgemini Invent for Society Global Leader

Coalition Building & Partnerships

We connect key frontrunners across the fields based on their profiles. Together with our members and partners, we identify partnerships, initiatives and coalitions that can provide solutions for and foster action towards a green economy.

Our efforts revolve around four key impact drivers: 

Innovation & Technology

We collaborate with innovators and technology leaders to advance cutting-edge solutions for a sustainable future.

Finance & Investments:

Our partnerships involve sustainable finance leaders, allowing us to mobilise substantial investments in sustainable projects.

Policy and Regulations:

We engage with policymakers to influence regulatory frameworks that encourage environmentally friendly practices.

Behavior and Demand:

By partnering with key businesses within the consumer-focused industries, we develop strategies that encourage eco-conscious behavior and demands.

Climate Investment Coalition

The World Climate Foundation is one of the founding partners of the Climate Investment Coalition (CIC), an independent public-private sector initiative that convenes asset owners, asset managers, businesses and governments to work across sectors to develop investable markets for climate solutions through public-private Ambition Loops. In 2021, the CIC supported an unparalleled total collective commitment from Nordic and UK pension funds of US$130 billion to be invested in clean energy by 2030 and reported on annually. 

Mette Frederiksen_lowress_edited_edited.

[...] if we can raise $55 billion from Danish pension funds alone, imagine what we can achieve if more countries are to join us? That is why we decided to create the Climate Investment Coalition. We work to bring governments and institutional investors together to mobilise and accelerate investments in the green transition.

Mette Frederiksen, Prime Minister of Denmark, at the COP26 Climate Investment Coalition announcement 

Investment Mobilisation Collaboration Alliance

The United States and Nordic Countries Launched the Investment Mobilisation Collaboration Alliance (IMCA) at the COP28’ Blue Zone. IMCA is an innovative initiative facilitating the creation of new blended finance vehicles to de-risk and mobilise up to $500 million in private capital for climate mitigation and adaptation in emerging and developing markets by 2025. IMCA is a partnership between the US, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Dialogues with additional countries are developing. The World Climate Foundation is acting as IMCA’s Operating Partner, with support from the Climate Investment Coalition.   


Nature Investment Coalition

The Nature Investment Coalition (NIC) aims to promote the financing and implementation of nature-positive investments that prioritise environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and the restoration of global ecosystems. ​It seeks to build a collaborative platform of public sector, civil society, finance and industry leaders to mobilise and deploy nature-positive financing.​ 

Financial commitments of $100 billion will be aligned to contribute to the 2030 Breakthroughs, Sharm el Sheikh Adaptation Agenda and the Global Biodiversity Framework goals.​ 



We are leading CLIMATEFIT, a continent-wide project to support EU territories in their quest for climate adaptation, as a part of the Horizon Europe Programme. 


Africa Leading

In 2023, World Climate Foundation launched a global platform led by Africa, amplifying its voice and presence in climate leadership. The initiative seeks to establish Africa as a thought leader in climate action, green economics, and just transitions, with a dedicated team based in South Africa. 

Africa Lead.png

Stakeholder Engagement

We engage our community of partners, sponsors, members, public institutions and other relevant stakeholders in a structured way across government, business, finance, and civil society. 

Topic-Focused Workshop

Deep dive into specialised subjects, to collaborate and drive progress

Engaging Webinars

Online gatherings offering insights and discussions

Thematic Roundtables

Discussions centered on key themes, fostering indepth exploration and dialogue

Executive Dinners / Reception

Executive gatherrings for top-decision makers to shape the future of their industries

Tailored Events

Bespoke events, meticulously designed to meet specific objectives

Curated Panels and Debates

Insightful discussions led by experts, igniting inspirational thinking and diverse perspectives

Spotlight - Jacobs

Jacobs_Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 15.33.10.png


Jacobs' goal was to shift their service and solutions to build a resilient net-zero future, and to convey it to their stakeholders. For this purpose, Jacobs partnered with the World Climate Foundation to showcase their expertise on climate innovations, policy and investment on a joint podcast series called Sparks



Jacobs extended their audiences on a multitude of levels around the globe and amplified their voice at COP26 and beyond. Furthermore, the podcast became the most popular podcast Jacobs has ever produced.  

Strategic Insights

Our Strategic Insights give our members and partners a decisive advantage in navigating the complexities of global sustainable transformation. 

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