Environmental Impact Platforms and Organisations

  • World Climate Summit and its associated regional World Climate Forums for Europe, Asia and North America merged into an annual platform to accelerate solutions to climate change.

  • The Climate Investment Coalition and the Climate Investment Summit formed as an international public-private partnership to rapidly scale up climate investments.

  • Launching the World Biodiversity Summit in 2021 as a market and investment-oriented public-private partnership forum to be developed over the next three years​​

Environmental Impact Platforms

  • Financial Commitments

  • Pledge Tracker

  • Climate Investment Summit

  • Roadmap to COP26

Climate Investment

Summit 2020

World Climate Summit



November 7-8, 2021

Glagow, Scotland

World Climate Forum

- the Road to COP26 in 2021

October (TBD)

November 10, 2021

Copenhagen Headquarters:    Toldbodgade 55B,1253 Copenhagen C, Denmark   /   info@worldclimatefoundation.org

London Office:    Level 18, 40 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, E145NR, London, UK   /   info@worldclimatefoundation.org

Our mission is to facilitate the transition to a clean and net-zero economy through cross-sector dialogue, inspirational partnerships and investments in sustainable solutions. Our vision is a decade from 2020 to 2030 where climate and sustainability commitments are transformed via actions into impact that align with the required outcomes of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals.