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Strategic Partnerships 

Why engage with us? 

For over a decade, the World Climate Foundation has collaborated closely with its partners to catalyse substantial impact, spearheading transformative initiatives, fostering breakthroughs in climate and biodiversity action, advancing sustainable economic solutions, and facilitating numerous projects and collaborations aimed at a net-zero, nature-positive and healthy planet by 2050.  


Together, we strive to accelerate the economic transition to a sustainable future. 

Engage in new and impactful partnerships and coalitions that can provide solutions for and foster action towards a green economy.  

Strategic Partnership overview

We offer three tiers of Strategic Partnerships to cater to the diverse needs and objectives of organisations committed to advancing climate action and sustainability on a global scale: 

Global Partnership 

For organisations seeking to lead the global sustainability agenda while benefiting from the highest level of stakeholder engagement, thought leadership, agenda setting, and communication activities. 

Premium Partnership 

For organisations wishing to enhance their leadership in sustainable solutions, while benefiting from high-level collaboration and engagement opportunities. 


Contributing Partnership 

For organisation wanting to demonstrate expertise in sustainable solutions, as well as leverage the network for significant business presence and branding opportunities 

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