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Announcement at COP26 from the Climate Investment Coalition of US$130 billion in commitments from Nordic and UK pension funds to invest in climate before 2030,  from left to right: 

Bárður á Steig Nielsen, Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands; Sauli Niinistö, President of Finland; Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister of Sweden; Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Prime Minister ofIceland; Múte B. Egede, Premier of Greenland; Mette Frederiksen, Prime Minister of Denmark; Jonas Gahr Støre, Prime Minister of Norway.


Triple Impact Through Focused Outcomes and Activities

The World Climate Foundation develops impact platforms for year-round cross-sector collaboration and purpose-oriented annual events that generate measurable impact towards achieving global climate and biodiversity goals, sector transformation and increased individual member ambition and action

Our Aproach to Impactful Outcomes

Promote New  Innovations & Technologies​

We promote initiatives introducing new technologies and solutions to large corporations, financiers, and government entities.​

Finance & Investments​

Through our investment coalitions, we accelerate finance and investments in key sectors, technologies and markets. ​

Policies & Regulations​

We initiate dialogues with governments to implement policies, regulations, and strategies for sustainable development.​

Advance ​
Cross-Sector Partnerships​

We create global cross-sector partnerships and coalitions fostering collaborative efforts for impactful initiatives.​


We engage with public & private stakeholders, supporting their net-zero and nature-positive journey within a cohesive strategic transition framework.​

Through engaging our key community stakeholders from across the global climate, biodiversity and health arena, the World Climate Foundation facilitates the mainstreaming of policies and frameworks at all levels of governance - from the local to the global, from the private to the public sector. 

Support and lead our members and partners in their transition
Organisation Impact
Develop joint solutions and innovations across sectors
Secor Impact
Facilitate Public-Private Partnerships to implement global transitions
Global Impact

Global Impact 

The World Climate Foundation drives and facilitates the necessary multi-sector collaboration to accelerate partnerships and investments in green economy, nature-based solutions and technological innovations, tackling both biodiversity loss and climate change while creating economic opportunities. 

Through collaboration between private and public sectors with governments and policymakers, our platforms provide opportunities to consolidate and implement global regulations and frameworks aiming at mitigation and adaptation to climate change, conservation and restoration of biodiversity, as well as developing and enhancing global pandemic prevention measures. 


Sectoral Impact 

By connecting key investment accelerators, asset owners and development banks with solution providers and developers, we work on accelerating the necessary climate and nature finance to achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement, the new Global Biodiversity Framework and the upcoming global pandemic treaty. This approach mitigates the risk of stranded assets and creates new business opportunities with positive outcomes for nature across various sectors.

Our Networks offer valuable insights into the transition plans necessary for sustainable development of industries. Our summits and other partner activities provide a platform for industry leaders to collaborate and develop on joint solutions and innovations for a faster transition to a net-zero and resilient economy. 


Organisational Impact 

One of the major purposes of our work is to support and lead our members and partners in their transition to net-zero and nature-positive.  
The World Climate Foundation’s impact platforms are set to help private and public organisations create and strengthen their commitments and tangible action plans to tackle  the climate, biodiversity and health crisis around the world while promoting partners active engagement in creating green and resilient economies. 

Case Studies

Examples of how we create impact with our Stakeholders 


Government of Denmark

Positioning Denmark as a “global green superpower” on the international financial agenda by facilitating a strong partnership between the Government of Denmark and the Danish pension funds.


Green Finance Institute

Working with the leading international think tank on climate finance, developing new investment models for greening buildings and engaging private finance in nature and biodiversity solutions.


World Wildlife Fund

Partnering with the World Wildlife Fund to drive global biodiversity conservation, promote planetary health, and identify solutions that benefit both climate and biodiversity.



Siemens has been a partner of the  World Climate Foundation since 2010 working on developing globally leading green solutions in areas such as energy, buildings, transport, industry, and water.


Cathay Financial Holdings

Collaborating with the sixth largest financial institution in Asia to move the whole financial sector in the region towards sustainable action by spurring it to take the lead on adopting ESG.


Government of Dubai

Developed a green think tank and summit platform, which became key elements in positioning Dubai as a regional hub for clean energy and attracting world-leading events in the area.    



With the World Climate Foundation’s global presence and ability to bring together a huge variety of key stakeholders, Capgemini Invent has become more visible and vocal in the North American market, positioning themselves as key leaders on sustainability-related topics.


International Asset Owners

Established the Climate Investment Coalition, which delivered a record-breaking $130 billion near-term climate commitment at COP26 and continues to expand globally.

Impact Drivers

We use a carefully curated three-tiered framework on the four main drivers for change to attain higher joint ambition, new innovative partnerships and focused outcomes between public and private stakeholders.

Innovation & Technology

We collaborate with innovators and technology leaders to advance cutting-edge solutions for a sustainable future.

Finance & Investments

Our partnerships involve sustainable finance leaders, allowing us to mobilise substantial investments in sustainable projects.

Policy and Regulations

We engage with policymakers to influence regulatory frameworks that encourage environmentally friendly practices.

Behavior and Demand

By partnering with key businesses within consumer-focused industries, we develop strategies that encourage eco-conscious behavior and demands.

Climate Investments for Emerging and Dev

"The transformation from fossil fuels to renewables is crucial for reaching the 1.5°C target. Yet, investment levels are still far too low to increase the production capacity to anywhere near what is necessary, especially in emerging markets. KLP is investing in renewable infrastructure globally and has until today contributed to financing the construction of nearly 50 new renewable power plants. We are committed to continuing these investments with around US$600 million annually. We expect these investments to continue generating attractive returns and have a strong climate impact".

Heidi Finskas, Vice President Corporate Responsibility, KLP 


Global Summits

Our globally renowned Summits offer high-level engagement opportunities for our three global 

Stakeholder Engagement

Through our Yearly Engagement Model, we curate and connect the right stakeholders for the right actions. 

Coalition and Partnerships

We facilitate strong cross-sector partnerships and coalition building to provide strategic solutions for, and further action towards, the green economy. 

Strategic Insights

Our strategic insights provide our partners and members with a decisive advantage in navigating the complexities of global sustainable transformation. 

We use a set of proven tools in order to achieve our outcomes, applying structured year-round stakeholder engagement, creating market-focused partnerships and coalitions, using sector-based transition targets and pathways, as well as hosting outcome-oriented annual summits. 

Our roadmap of activities is closely aligned with the annual UNFCCC COP (Climate) and the UNCBD COP (Biodiversity) priority action areas, as well as the Race To Zero campaign and Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action. 

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