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World Climate Foundation develops collaborative platforms and purpose-oriented enterprises that generate measurable, beneficial environmental impact alongside a positive contribution to developing a new economy in line with the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Model of Change

  • Accelerate transition to the green economy through collaboration and sharing of best practices and returns

  • Stimulate pledges and climate commitments and track conversion success rate

  • Define public-private collaboration across sectors on biodiversity issues


Channels I Drivers of Impact


Investment/Finance:                          Purpose – Coalitions – Pledges – Tracking

Business:                                           Solutions – Innovations – Investments – Partnerships

Government:                                      Policies – Frameworks - Partnerships (PPP’s)

Organisations:                                   Objectives - Best Practices - Knowledge - Scaling



Impact Measures I Transition economy


GHG / CO2 control emissions           Plateau CO2 emissions

GHG / CO2 sequestering                  Negative CO2 emissions

Preserve & develop biodiversity        Science-based metrics have yet to emerge

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