World Climate Foundation develops collaborative action platforms and purpose-oriented organisations that generate measurable, beneficial environmental impact alongside a positive contribution to developing a new economy in line with the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

World Climate Foundation Impact

Focus on Public-Private Partnerships in Creating New Markets

Theory Of Change

We see major transformative power through the public-private interplay required in defining and setting ambition for new markets, technologies and policies to achieve the net-zero and clean economy. This is illustrated in our model for the World Climate Forum, where the starting point is taken in a joint global, regional or sector ambition and the output consists of actionable outcomes in terms of policies, innovation and investments.

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Another illustration is the international Climate Investment Coalition, which is building on the ground-breaking 2019 conditional pledge from Danish pension funds of USD $50 billion towards clean energy and climate investments in Denmark and overseas over the next decade. Here we promote and track ambition through financial commitments from asset owners, work in partnership with governments on suitable regulatory frameworks for investments and facilitate actual investments through distribution of best practices and stimulating partnerships between asset owners, asset managers, developers and governments.

Impact Hub

Within the next three years we aspire to become the most valuable, structured network of C-level stakeholders in the world across business, government and civil society on climate and biodiversity that can convene the right people in a timely manner. This is accompanied by a new form of think-tank to accelerate the dissemination of decision-relevant insights, drawing content from the convenings and from network partners and institutions, packaging this content in a format that will enable rapid adaptation. We want to leverage our network for content, modernise the delivery format and reach the next generation of decision-makers.