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World Climate Foundation facilitates large-scale collaboration between businesses, governments, financial institutions and civil society on formulating and designing markets and solutions for a clean and net-zero economy. We do this through cross-sector dialogue, innovative partnerships, and investments in sustainable solutions.

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Denmark takes the lead in increasing private investment in the global green transition

Recent Initiatives

​In line with our mission, World Climate Foundation has recently launched a number of successful initiatives.


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Created a new structure, suitable for creating transformational impact
across the public private space.

Launched a first global
business network for climate leaders across the world.

Co-founder and project
manager for an international public-private partnership to spur immediate investments in climate and green recovery.

Developing the first climate investment event in the world for C-level decision makers (hybrid: digital + live).

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Founding Partners


We recognise that to confront the climate and sustainability challenges, we need faster action and delivery. Our key differentiator and belief stems from bringing public and private decision-makers together in structured convenings – informed by science, best practice and experience – thereby accelerating the deployment of sustainable partnerships and solutions.


What sets us apart is our proven success model - achieving results by facilitating ambitious commitments to climate action, connecting large and influential stakeholder networks, and circulating best practices for business, policy and finance.


Developed the strongest market-oriented c-level network in the world across government, business, finance and civil society



Organised major convenings in more than 15 future clean economy markets across the world over the past ten years



Developed breakthrough impact partnerships such as the 50 bn USD climate commitments from the Danish pension funds


Worked as strategic advisor for a number of leading 

organisations around the world, across government, business and finance.

Statement on the COVID-19:

The World Climate Foundation cares deeply about the health and well-being of our community and follows closely the guidelines of WHO and local health authorities. We have great sympathy for those being directly affected by COVID-19. 

In our work, this has meant moving green investments for economic recovery and resilience management to the top of our agenda. Furthermore, we have adopted our delivery format to enable innovative, high-quality digital services, live or in a hybrid format combination.

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