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Global Summits

Joint Ambition and Action

The World Climate Foundation collaborates closely with governments, businesses, financial institutions and international organizations. We address climate, biodiversity, and resilience challenges by fostering public-private partnerships in climate, biodiversity and health, aligned with the Paris Agreement, the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Guided by an annual roadmap, we engage with members and partners of our 3 global networks; World Climate, Biodiversity, and Health Network. Year-round engagements include an active contribution and participation at the high-level global Summits, partnership and coalition building, and strategic insights to maximise joint ambition and action.

As a member of the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action, NGO observer to the UNFCCC, UNCBD, and IRENA, the Foundation amplifies its voice in decision-making processes at the global level.


Global Networks

Bridging Climate, Biodiversity and Health Through Large-Scale Collaboration

A key asset of the World Climate Foundation is our curated and growing networks of relevant, high-level international decision-makers, who are actively engaged in the rapid transition to a green economy.

Net-Zero Before 2050

The World Climate Network brings together a long-standing group of influential high-level decision-makers focusing on reaching net-zero before 2050, a swift transition to a new climate economy and implementing the Paris Agreement.

A Nature-Positive Future

A leading platform focusing on forming global public-private partnerships to tackle biodiversity loss and nature depletion, promote a circular economy and provide ambition and action into the work of the Convention on Biological Diversity. 

Health Resilience

The World Health Network is our newest network leveraging our cross-sector collaboration experience to safeguard against climate-related health risks. The key objective is to accelerate public-private partnerships solutions for the One Health approach.

Examples of How We Create Impact with Our Partners 

Explore how we, alongside our esteemed partners, are reshaping the narrative on sustainability and catalysing actionable solutions on a global scale. From positioning Denmark as a 'global green superpower' to spearheading biodiversity conservation with the World Wildlife Fund, our joint efforts are paving the way for a greener, more resilient future.

Government of Denmark​

Positioning Denmark as a “global green superpower” on the international financial agenda by facilitating a strong partnership between the Government of Denmark and the Danish pension funds.​


Over the past four years, Capgemini has contributed strongly to our agendas on climate, biodiversity and health and has used our platforms to develop a global offering on sustainability.​

Government of Dubai​

Developed a green think tank and summit platform, which became key elements in positioning Dubai as a regional hub for clean energy and attracting world-leading events in the area.    ​

World Wildlife  Fund​

Partnering with the World Wildlife Fund to drive global biodiversity conservation, promote planetary health, and identify solutions that benefit both climate and biodiversity.​

Green Finance Institute​

Working with the leading international think tank on climate finance, developing new investment models for greening buildings and engaging private finance in nature and biodiversity solutions.​

International Asset Owners​

Established the Climate Investment Coalition, which delivered a record-breaking $130 billion near-term climate commitment at COP26 and continues to expand globally. ​

Cathay Financial Holdings​

Collaborating with the sixth largest financial institution in Asia to move the whole financial sector in the region towards sustainable action by spurring it to take the lead on adopting ESG.​


Siemens has been a partner of the World Climate Foundation since 2010 working on developing globally leading green solutions in areas such as energy, buildings, transport, industry, and water.​


Jacobs partnered with us to engage stakeholders in their sustainability initiatives. Together with them, we showcased expertise on climate innovations, policy, and investment through a joint podcast series called Spark.


Key Initiatives

Accelerating the Transition to a Green Economy through Impactful Partnerships and Coalitions

Through strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts, we have initiated four key initiatives. The goal of these initiatives is to catalyse solutions and to channel investments into climate and biodiversity efforts, particularly in the emerging markets and developing countries.


Our commitment to fostering resilience in emerging markets is evident through the Investment Mobilisation Collaboration Alliance (IMCA). By mobilising private capital for climate adaptation initiatives, we are actively working towards building climate-resilient communities by 2025. This endeavour not only safeguards vulnerable populations but also unlocks new opportunities for sustainable development in regions most affected by climate change.

Investment Mobilisation Collaboration Alliance:

Global Summits

Since our establishment in 2010, we have been dedicated to fostering dialogue and collaboration on a global scale. Through our Global Summits, we have connected over 100,000 key stakeholders, policymakers, and industry leaders during significant events such as UNGA, UNFCCC COP, and UNCBD COP. These summits serve as critical platforms for driving action and shaping the international agenda on climate change and sustainability.

Our 2024 Roadmap

In 2024, our roadmap is designed to guide us through a series of five impactful Global Summits, each dedicated to addressing central topics within Climate, Biodiversity, Health, and Finance. These summits will serve as pivotal moments for collective action and collaboration towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.


Engage with our Network

We believe that meeting the global challenges ahead, and transitioning to a net-zero, nature-positive and healthy planet, can only be achieved through collaboration.  


Join us in building impactful coalitions and partnerships for climate, biodiversity and health. Through our Networks, you will gain access to our world-leading platform for governments, businesses, financial institutions and international organisations for cross-sector collaboration throughout the year. 

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