Welcome to the Launch of a New Venture for Transforming Commitments into Impacts!

The climate emergency requires immediate action in the next decade by major stakeholders working in partnership across business, government, and civil society. This will simultaneously provide the required regulatory frameworks, unleash required capital, scale technologies, and ensure public support for a low carbon economy.

In the past 13 years World Climate Ltd has achieved an important role, internationally, in facilitating partnerships on such actions through its ability to convene, connect, and analyse current trends. In fact, we have been credited for having invented such a cross-sector collaboration platform for climate change back in 2007. 

Under the organisation, World Climate Foundation, this work will now be continued and expanded through a not-for-profit arm for developing multi-stakeholder environmental impact platforms and a for-profit arm for creating impact organisations.


Case:  USD 50 billion Commitment


World Climate Foundation acted as consultant for the Danish Government on the ground-breaking pledge from Danish pension funds of USD 50 billion towards clean energy and climate investments in Denmark and overseas during the next decade. This was announced at the UN Climate Action Summit in 2019 in association with Denmark being co-host of its Energy Transition track. The pledge is contingent on adequate regulatory frameworks being in place.

Case:  World Climate Summit 


The World Climate Summit 2019 celebrated its ten-year anniversary during COP25 in Madrid, as the only major cross-sector side-event during the annual climate negotiations for ten consecutive years. The sheer number of partners loyal to the Summit for all ten years is a strong sign of stakeholders being committed to international sustainable leadership.

Statement on the COVID-19:

The World Climate Foundation cares deeply about the health and well-being of our community and follows closely the guidelines of WHO and local health authorities. We have great sympathy for those being directly affected by COVID-19. 

In our work, this has meant moving green investments for economic recovery and resilience management to the top of our agenda. Furthermore, we have adopted our delivery format to enable innovative, high-quality digital services, live or in a hybrid format combination.


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World Climate Summit 2019 at COP25 looks ten years ahead

"Mitigation plans to kickstart a green economy and resilience care following the COVID-19 pandemic must be at the forefront of stakeholders' minds if global climate solutions are to be realised in the coming decade. World Climate Foundation will tackle the environmental challenges in a series of exciting agenda-setting and digital platform launches where commitments will continue to be transformed into impactful action."

Jens Nielsen - CEO and Founder of World Climate Foundation

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