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Joint Ambition and Action to Achieve a Net-Zero, Nature-Positive and Healthy Planet

The World Climate Foundation is the biggest and most influential global platform focusing on action and impact on climate, biodiversity and health resilience.  


For over a decade, we have facilitated large-scale collaboration between governments, businesses, financial institutions and international organisations, accelerating the transition to a green economy. Through creating powerful cross-sectoral partnerships we foster innovation and investment for sustainable solutions in the climate, biodiversity and health areas. 


Cross-Sector Stakeholders


High Level

In-person Attendees from  165 Countries

USD 130 BN

Raised for Climate Funding


Highlevel Decision Makers



Our impact networks provide our members and partners with unique opportunities to collaborate and build coalitions and alliances developing ambition loops and driving action for climate, biodiversity and health. Here they accelerate solutions, innovations and investments to solve the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.  

World Climate Network

The World Climate Network connects influential high-level decision-makers focusing on reaching net-zero before 2050. The aim is to ensure a swift transition to a new green economy and explore breakthrough business opportunities.    


World Biodiversity Network

The World Biodiversity Network Climate Foundation forms global public-private partnerships to tackle biodiversity loss and nature depletion. We set ambitious targets to facilitate nature-positive transition  supporting the work of the Convention on Biological Diversity. 


World Health Network

The World Health Network is a new platform addressing climate and nature- related health risks. We facilitate cross-sector collaboration, connecting public and private partners and setting standards and norms for a resilient healthcare system. 


Key Achievements

Through our yearly roadmap of activities, we engage, advise and connect with our members and partners, including high-level global summits, partnership and coalition building, stakeholder engagement and strategic insights – all aimed at maximising joint ambition and action. 

Climate Investment Coalition  

USD 130 bn for clean energy and climate by 2030 by Nordic and UK pension funds. 

Investment Mobilisation Collaboration Arrangement 

Mobilise private capital for climate adaptation in emerging markets by 2025. 

Nature Investment Coalition  

Catalyse USD 100 billion in nature markets and nature-based solutions by 2030 

World Climate Impact Hub

A platform for networking, collaboration and action for our partners and members. 


A part of the Horizon Europe Project supporting EU territories in climate adaptation. 

Global Summits

Connecting 100K+ key stakeholders alongside UNGA, UNFCCC COP and UNCBD COP. 


Engage with Us

We believe that meeting the global challenges ahead, and transitioning to a net-zero, nature-positive and healthy planet, can only be achieved through collaboration.  


Join us in building impactful coalitions and partnerships for climate, biodiversity and health. Through our Networks, you will gain access to our world-leading platform for governments, businesses, financial institutions and international organisations for cross-sector collaboration throughout the year. 


Join our Community

Subscribe to our newsletter along with 37,000+ subscribers and get the latest insights on climate, biodiversity and health topics. 

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