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Project Highlight - E5 - European Business Council for Sustainable Energy

Mr. Kolja Kuse, Chairman of the Board e5, e5 - European Business Council for Sustainable Energy.

This type of I-Beam can, for example, replace an I-beam from Steel

"1.5°C implementation needs net negative emissions. The only sustainable way to do this in combination with business on a scalable basis is the storage of CO2 within mass materials for buildings. Wood is an option, at limited availability, steel and concrete cannot go beyond net zero. The only way is the production of carbon fibers from CO2, which is technically possible, while the carbon is stablized and stored in this form for millions of years. Carbon fibers can be utilized with concrete or natural stone for the construction of buildings, bridges, vehicles and railway tracks. This is the missing link to reach large scale net zero emissions without disruption of industrial business."


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