A key asset of the World Climate Foundation is a curated and growing network of 12,000 high-level international decision-makers, that are actively motivated for participating in the rapid transition to a zero carbon economy. The World Climate Foundation holds a number of long-term partnerships with globally leading governments, businesses, investors, and international organisations. 



Through our platforms and businesses, our elite team is driven by the purpose of combining environmental impact with financial viability. The team constitutes a diverse, international group of young and astute professionals, consultants, and specialists with many years of experience in their respective fields.


Not-for-Profit Organisation

World Climate Foundation is a not-for-profit, foundation, where its proceeds can only be handed out to societal purposes as stipulated in its charter. This motivates the Foundation to act as an independent mediator and trustworthy platform across many legitimate interests. The Foundation is governed by the Danish Foundation Act and is regularly audited for its not-for-profit operations on an accounted cost basis. 


Impact Organisations

World Climate Foundation will develop a number of viable impact enterprises on the basis of its10-year experience  as World Climate Ltd. We have experience in developing regional hubs, financial consultancy, and event development for a number of leading governments and businesses, globally.      


Tools and Processes

The Foundation bases its work on a toolbox of proven models and processes. This includes a structured stakeholder network aligned with the clean economy, advanced models for stakeholder engagement, and detailed processes for meticulous programme and project management.

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