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Global Partnerships

James Butler

Strategic Partnerships Director

Ben Decosse

Bardha Kushutani

Strategic Partnerships Manager 

Chiara Lo Zito

Content & Collaboration

Line Gry Knudsen

Grit Schmalisch

Caroline Olesen

Pauline Ledermann

Patrycja Musiał

Alicia Schmid

Communication & Community

Tamara Richards

Biodiversity & Communications Consultant 

Ted Coullet

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Derrick Sullivan

Finance & Administration

Lelde Kazule

Management & Strategy

Sebastian Lohse

Kasper Jakobsen

Copenhagen Headquarters:    Toldbodgade 55B,1253 Copenhagen C, Denmark   /

London Office:    Level 18, 40 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, E145NR, London, UK   /

Our mission is to facilitate the transition to a clean and net-zero economy through cross-sector dialogue, inspirational partnerships and investments in sustainable solutions. Our vision is a decade from 2020 to 2030 where climate and sustainability commitments are transformed via actions into impact that align with the required outcomes of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals.