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Become a member of the World Climate Foundation’s three leading impact platforms for cross-sector dialogue, partnerships and investments in sustainable solutions.

As a member of our three global environmental impact networks, you will actively engage with a peer group of pioneering thought leaders, determining and implementing the transition required now to help manage risks and provide solutions for the emerging climate, biodiversity and health crises. Join us as we all work together towards a net-zero, nature-positive and healthy planet.  

World Biodiversity Network

  • World Biodiversity Network is the first global public-private partnership to address the urgent need for biodiversity restoration through nature-based solutions 


  • It convenes key stakeholders to tackle biodiversity loss, promote nature conservation and provide ambition and action into the work of the Convention on Biological Diversity 

World Climate Network

  • With 12 years of experience, World Climate Network brings together a long-standing group of influential, high-level decision makers from across government, business, finance and civil society 


  • Driven by real action through breakthrough innovations, impactful policies and sustainable investments 


  • Focuses on the implementation of the Paris Agreement and a swift transition to the Green Economy 

World Health Network

  • World Health Network will leverage experience from cross-sector collaboration to create resilient societies, thereby safeguarding against future pandemics 


  • The aim is to learn from the latest research and developments on COVID-19 while collaborating on a broad set of solutions to prepare and prevent future pandemic threats pandemic threats

Why Become a Member?


Maximise impact by being part of an influential group of key players, in all three networks, working at the forefront of the green transition


Demonstrate clear leadership and commitment to your stakeholders on a global, sectoral and organisational level


Help build public-private partnerships that influence innovation, investments and policies to counter global environmental challenges


Gain knowledge and insights on the green transition opportunities and the prioritisation of resources related to your sector in order to create most impact


Let’s not talk about what you are going to do in 2030, 2040 and 2050. Let’s talk about what you are doing right now, and year by year, make sure you are good on your word.

H.E. Erika Mouynes, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Panama

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