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Achieving Net-zero Through Cooperation with the Supply Chain

by Toshihiro FUKUI, CEO, b-ex GROUP

We, b-ex GROUP, are a company with a 48-year history serving the professional hair beauty industry in Japan and have become a partner of the World Climate Foundation in 2023. As the first keynote speaker at the World Biodiversity Summit (WBS) in New York, b-ex GROUP is also the first among Japanese companies to be a summit partner in the World Climate Summit during COP28 in Dubai.

We highlighted our efforts towards a decarbonized society, including modal shifts in product transportation and reductions in plastic usage for packaging. Additionally, we expressed our commitment to working alongside hair salons to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to strive towards becoming the "Asia's No.1 Professional & Clean Beauty Company Group."

I am honoured to have participated in the WBS as a Japanese company for the first time and to have had the opportunity to speak. B-ex aims not only to provide products but also to support the sustainable management of hair salons in the future, thereby leading the reduction of carbon emissions in the beauty industry.

We aspire for our actions to serve as a catalyst not only for the beauty industry but also for broader societal changes in Japan, promoting a reevaluation of the entire supply chain and fostering a shift in awareness through environmentally-conscious product development, business expansion, and the proliferation of a green mindset.

Participants from the manufacturing industry are committed to a common goal of "NET ZERO." As a manufacturer belonging to part of the supply chain, we can play an active strategic role in promoting the reduction of carbon footprint by enlightening our suppliers and partners. This is the "Green Revolution" that b-ex GROUP is evoking in our industry. Only through education and collaboration with our ingredient suppliers, logistics partners, salon customers, and end-users can carbon emissions be reduced to a minimum.

As b-ex GROUP journeys toward its 50th anniversary in 2025, we are committed to developing more sustainable products, minimizing plastic use, adopting natural, eco-friendly materials, and helping our salon partners reduce their own CO2 emissions.

We believe in the power of joining efforts throughout the supply chain, so we will continue to promote the Green Revolution in the beauty industry.

For b-ex GROUP's SDGs commitment and annual communication book, please visit:


About b-ex GROUP Inc.

b-ex Inc. is a beauty company with 48 years of history which main business is manufacture and sale of professional products for beauty salons and consumer channel.

In 2015, based on the corporate mission of "Discover New Experiences of Beauty in your Life," which is designed by the creative director Kashiwa Sato , the company changed its name from “MoltoBene” to “beauty experience Inc.” and to the abbreviated form “b-ex Inc.” since 2021. b-ex inc. aim to be the “No. 1 Professional and Clean Beauty Company” in Asia, through promoting SDGs as one of the pillars of product supply and business management that empathizes with hairstylists and customers.

The company formed a capital business partnership with O'right Inc., a zero-carbon beauty brand in the Republic of China (Taiwan) and is the sole distributor in Japan of Clean Beauty skin care products Lavido, from Israel.

Through their commitment to SDGs and catalysing the Green Revolution, b-ex is revolutionising the salon industry in Japan and contributing to the realisation of a sustainable society.


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