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Impact Platforms for Climate, Biodiversity & Health

Through our three global impact platforms, we provide platforms for multi-sector stakeholders to build alliances and develop ambition loops for climate, biodiversity and health.

Our Impact Platforms serve as a springboard for our partners and members to drive the innovative solutions, ambitious policies and bold investments necessary for a net-zero, nature-positive and resilient future.  


World Climate Network

World Climate Network has brought together a long-standing group of influential high-level decision-makers focusing on reaching net-zero by 2050, a swift transition to a new climate economy and implementing the Paris Agreement. It is driven by genuine action in the form of breakthrough innovations, impactful policies and sustainable investments.


World Biodiversity Network

World Biodiversity Network is a leading platform, focusing on forming global public-private partnerships to tackle biodiversity loss and nature depletion, promote a circular economy and ensure implementation of the new Global Biodiversity Framework. 


World Health Network

World Health Network is our newest platform leveraging our cross-sector collaboration experience to ensure health resilience and safeguard against future pandemics. The key objective is to learn from the latest research on best practice for handling COVID-19 and other pandemics to collaborate on a broader set of solutions to prevent future pandemic threats.  

Global Events

Our globally renowned Summits on climate, biodiversity and health offer high-level participation and unmissable opportunities for collaboration. They provide international cross-sector dialogue on much-needed innovation & technology, policies & frameworks, and finance & investment for a faster transition to the green economy. They are linked to the relevant major UN and global convenings on climate, biodiversity and health issues. 

The World Climate Foundation has been key in bringing together a huge variety of stakeholders during their Summits and to help us develop strategic opportunities while ensuring top visibility for Capgemini Invent.

Jean-Baptiste Perrin, Vice President, Capgemini Invent for Society Global Leader


Coalition Building & Partnerships

We connect key stakeholders across the fields based on their profiles. Together with our members and partners, we identify partnerships, initiatives and coalitions that can provide solutions for and foster action towards a green economy. For example, the Climate Investment Coalition acts as a primary international force in stimulating meaningful climate investments before 2030.

2020-2022: Develop Thought Leadership on Coalition Building

A case in public-private partnership committing investments in climate before 2030 to be reported on an annual basis.

2023: Setting the Global Agenda for the Green Transition

Our Four-Tiered Framework

2023-2030: Implementing Successful Transition Initiatives

  • Clean Energy Transition​

  • Nature-Based Solutions​

  • Transition Framework

Climate Investment Coalition

The World Climate Foundation is one of the founding partners of the Climate Investment Coalition (CIC), an independent public-private sector initiative that convenes asset owners, asset managers, businesses and governments to work across sectors to develop investable markets for climate solutions through public-private Ambition Loops. In 2021, the CIC supported an unparalleled total collective commitment from Nordic and UK pension funds of US$130 billion to be invested in clean energy by 2030 and reported on annually. 


[...] if we can raise $55 billion from Danish pension funds alone, imagine what we can achieve if more countries are to join us? That is why we decided to create the Climate Investment Coalition. We work to bring governments and institutional investors together to mobilise and accelerate investments in the green transition.

Mette Frederiksen, Prime Minister of Denmark, at the COP26 Climate Investment Coalition announcement


Community Engagement

We engage our community of partners, sponsors, members, public institutions and other relevant stakeholders in a structured way across government, business, finance, and civil society. ​ 

Topic-Focused Workshops





Insightsful Masterclasses

Thematic Roundtables



Curated Panels and Debates



Strategic Insights

To support the transition to a resilient future, we guide the development of tailored net-zero and nature-positive sector or industry pathways. We select key stakeholders and map global trends and events in sectors such as finance, energy, industry, transport, built environment, food, nature and health – while assisting members and partners to connect and share best practices across the network, galvanising further ambition and action. 

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