Upcoming Activities and Roadmap for 2022

In 2022 we are launching three new global networks for climate, biodiversity and biosecurity.


Here, stakeholders can collectively identify and accelerate solutions towards these intertwined environmental challenges. By applying our proven methodology in enhancing cross-sector implementation of markets, technologies and policies, we aim to help solve these challenges through action-oriented coalitions, major summits, thought leadership forums and transition pathways.



World Climate Network brings

together a long-standing group of influential high-level decision makers from across government, business, finance, and civil society. It is driven by real action in the form of breakthrough innovations, impactful policies, and sustainable investments. Our climate network focuses on the implementation of the Paris Agreement and a swift transition to the green economy.


World Biodiversity Network is the

first global public-private partnership to address the urgent need for biodiversity restoration through nature-based solutions. The network convenes key stakeholders to tackle biodiversity loss, promote nature conservation and provide ambition and action into the work of the Convention on Biological Diversity.


Global Biosecurity Network will leverage experience from cross-sector collaboration to create resilient societies, thereby safeguarding against future pandemics. The aim is to learn

from the latest research and developments on COVID-19

while collaborating on a broad

set of solutions to prevent

pandemic threats.

Coalitions & Partnerships

Our Coalitions and partnerships increase cross-sector collaboration among high-level decision makers and support enabling frameworks while tracking commitments and action. Our investment coalition acts as a primary force in mobilising financial pledges towards green investments, whereas our innovation coalition will aim to highlight the trends in technology and business models that will drive resilient and net-zero markets. Our policy work is taking shape, stressing the need for new ambitious policy frameworks and standards aligning public and private actors towards new sustainable markets.

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Global Summits

Our annual Global Summits on climate, biodiversity and biosecurity bring opportunities for collaboration that cannot be missed. They provide international cross-sector dialogue on creating sustainable markets, partnerships on solutions and new investment opportunities. The Summits bring together key ideas and stakeholders, galvanising hearts and minds in helping shape the transition to a net-zero, nature positive and biosecure world.

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28 June 2022


21 September & 15 November 2022


2 November 2022


13-14 November 2022