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How Trane Technologies is leading the charge on emissions reduction

Jose La Loggia, President, Commercial HVAC Europe, Middle East and Africa, Trane Technologies

The World Climate Forum is the ideal opportunity to underscore the urgent importance of achieving progress on the path toward a sustainable future. Trane Technologies has made a bigger commitment to reducing climate change than any other B2B company, and we are challenging others in our industry and communities to join us. Ultimately, our growth is only as good as our sustainability efforts. As we approach the no-return temperature rise of 1.5° C, the need for climate action has never been more pressing; we have until 2030 to reverse the potential for catastrophic global warming. While everyone must do their best to affect change at an individual level, corporations – particularly those like ours with solutions that can move the needle – must lead.

We believe that one industry can change the world and as a pioneer in sustainable business, we are uniquely positioned to lead a movement to reduce global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Through diverse, inclusive and innovative teams who keep sustainability at the heart of everything they do, we’re confident in our ability to positively change the environment.

Around the world, we are experiencing unprecedented strain on the environment. As the climate warms and cities become more populated, the impact on our societies and the environment is growing at an alarming rate. Climate change is seen by many of us as one of the preeminent global problems we are facing today – along with poverty, hunger and lack of drinking water. Our 2030 Commitments, address these challenges head on and are at the heart of every major decision we make. This doesn’t just affect our manufacturing operations and our supply chains either, areas of our business such as employee and community development are also propelled by our desire to build a better future. No matter what the challenge, we’re committed to doing what’s right and creating a better planet for us all.

Today, approximately 25% of our revenue is from products and services that contribute to the clean energy transition. We’ve made enormous commitments to decarbonisation and reducing our impact through initiatives like the Gigaton Challenge, our effort to reduce the CO2e emissions of our customers by one Gigaton by 2030 – the equivalent of 2 percent of the world’s annual emissions. And we’ve placed environmental and social responsibility firmly at the centre of our corporate governance and business decisions.

Ideas mean nothing if you don’t make them happen, and our commitment to tackling climate change is backed up by both action and results. For example, in 2013 we set out to reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions 35% by 2020, and we exceeded this goal by achieving a reduction of 36% by 2018. Furthermore, through our products, we have avoided 21 million metric tons of our customers’ CO2e through our Trane® and Thermo King® business lines. These results are due to remarkable innovations such as our Sintesis™ Balance and Airfinity Solar systems from Trane and the Thermo King Advancer, as well as a commitment to helping our partners that extends beyond the point-of-sale.

While we’re proud of our efforts, we know that we alone cannot be responsible for reducing the world’s emissions – we challenge other companies around the world to join us. As we continue innovating comfort and cooling solutions, we’re identifying ways to integrate renewable energy in our cooling and heating systems, introducing electrification in our HVAC and transport products and constantly improving our Thermo King diesel-powered products. The future is now, and Trane Technologies is ready to work with our partners and industry peers for a cleaner, healthier and safer world.

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