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Our team constitutes a diverse, international group of young and astute professionals with strong credentials, together with internationally qualified specialists in climate change, biodiversity and finance, and governing boards with decades of top-level experience in public-private partnerships across government, business, finance and organisations.


Global Partnerships

James Butler


Strategic Partnerships Director

Ben Decosse

Strategic Partnerships Coordinator

Sebastian Lohse


Business Development Coordinator

José Manuel Malbec


Strategic Partnerships Coordinator & International Media

Content & Collaboration

Bardha Von Kappelgaard


Project Director

Patrycja Musiał

Production Director

Grit Schmalisch


Public Affairs

Pauline Ledermann

Project Manager

Alicia Schmid


Project & Programme Manager

Pablo Ferrero


Programme Manager

Marie Lendelova


Climate Investment Manager

Stella Whittaker


Senior Advisor

Erika Salojoki

Project Manager

Mie Torp Hansen


Ellen Taylor


Project Coordinator

Filippo Guarnieri


Project Coordinator

Sara Ruiz de la Hermosa


Project Coordinator

Thanh Thanh Tranova


Project Coordinator


Communications & Community

Georgianna Carlson

Communications Director

Kamilla Bloch


Art Director

Álfrún Sigurðardóttir


Communications Manager

Karoline Schapiro


Digital Design Lead

Hyerin Kong


Communications Coordinator

Sofia Konstantinova


Communications Coordinator

Finance & Administration

Lelde Kazule


Finance and Operations Manager

Stig Larsen



Management & Strategy

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