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A key asset of the World Climate Foundation is a curated and growing network of 75K+ relevant, high-level international decision-makers, that are actively motivated to participate in the rapid transition to a green economy.

Through our three global Networks, we provide platforms for multi-sector stakeholders to build alliances and develop ambition loops for climate, biodiversity and health.

Our Networks serve as a springboard for the partners and members to drive the innovative solutions, ambitious policies and bold investments necessary for a net-zero, nature-positive and resilient future.  

We bring together decision-makers from government, international corporations, financial institutions, philanthropy and civil society to build cross-sectoral approaches to the green transition. 

Cross-sector collaboration to facilitate the green transition


World Climate Network

World Climate Network has brought together a long-standing group of influential high-level decision-makers focusing on reaching net-zero by 2050, a swift transition to a new climate economy and implementing the Paris Agreement. It is driven by genuine action in the form of breakthrough innovations, impactful policies and sustainable investments. 


Are you an asset owner or manager, government official, policymaker, business leader looking for transitioning your portfolio, organisation and supply chain into a green economy? World Climate Network may provide you the necessary insights and people. 


Governments &

Decision Makers
Ranging from local to national levels who successfully drive the climate, biodiversity and health policy agendas


Across key industries and sectors who present innovations to advance climate, biodiversity and health action

Financial Institutions

Front-running asset managers and asset owners representing public & private finance   

International Organisations

Global initiatives & alliances representing public and private interests


Leading philanthropic organisations that are actively working to address climate, biodiversity and health issues at the global level. 


From leading international newspapers, television, magazines and blogs invested in driving climate, biodiversity and health news reporting


We have been working with the WCF for the last 5 years with one objective in mind: leveraging this strategic partnership to increase cross-sector dialogues with our clients and partners, develop innovative collaborations and scale up our actions on sustainability and biodiversity. The WCF is the perfect partner to help us achieve this objective, thanks to its global presence and ability to bring together a huge variety of key stakeholders willing to drive the sustainable transition forward.

- Jean-Baptiste Perrin, Vice President, Capgemini Invent


World Biodiversity Network

World Biodiversity Network is a leading platform, focusing on forming global public-private partnerships to tackle biodiversity loss and nature depletion, promote a circular economy and ensure implementation of the new Global Biodiversity Framework. 


If you are looking for investment or management strategies incorporating the new Global Biodiversity Framework, World Biodiversity Network can be a great asset for you. 


Combating climate change and addressing biodiversity issues, from halting nature loss to preserving ecosystems and species, are an integral part of Enel’s strategy and sustainable business model. We are pleased to be part of the World Climate Foundation and to join a like-minded business community committed to tackling the collective challenges we face.

- Mr. Gonzalo Juarez De La Rasilla, Head of Sustainability Stakeholders Engagement,        Enel Group


World Health Network

World Health Network is our newest platform leveraging our cross-sector collaboration experience to ensure pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. The key objective is to establish public-private dialogue to accelerate public-private partnership solutions for pandemic prevention in support of the global pandemic treaty.

Are you a corporate leader or manager, international organisation, looking for opportunities to build public-private partnerships for pandemic prevention? Check out World Health Network. 

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